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How to Download Pinterest Video

pinterest video downloader

Step:1.Copy the URL of the video

Copy the Pinterest video URL which
you want to save.

pinterest video downloader

Step:2.Paste the link

Paste the URL of the Pinterest
Video Photo or GIF that you want
to download, then click the
download button.

pinterest video downloader

Step:3.Download video

Now just click the download button
and your download will begin.

pinterest video downloader

Easy To Use

pinterest video downloader

All Platform Supported

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Pinterest Video downloader

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a i mentioned above when you use a good image or video from pinterest and then you think you want to re-watch it again. but it is difficult in sometimes, when you close application you may not see that image or video again. so why dont you download it and keep it safe. this is the main use of using a pinterest video downloader.

  • Yes ofcourse. it is very safe and secure to download from our website we dont do any unwanted thing to you.

  • We have show it above how to download videos. you can use the same method to download in mobile also.

  • It is because pinterest respect their creators work and if you download a video from pinterest you should respect the creators copyright and intellectual property rights.

  • Yes, pinterestsaves is completely free website you can use anytime.

  • Yes it is allowed to download pinterest videos.but you have respect original creators consent. you have get his permission to use it for your own purpose. otherwise you may get copyright strike to your account.

  • When you download the video it will be saves automatically in your gallery.